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Best Idaho Day Trip Locations- Summer 2021

Friday, June 25, 2021   /   by Greg Langhaim

Best Idaho Day Trip Locations- Summer 2021

One of my favorite things to do during the summer season is to take a day trip. It’s always fun to explore new places and look for adventures. Boise is great for this because of its central location to so many exciting places. All of the locations on this list are no more than 3 hours from Boise, which makes any of these recommendations a great way to spend a day this summer. 

Bogus Basin- 45 mins from Boise

Bogus Basin is known for its skiing and snowboarding during the winter, but they actually have fun recreation to be enjoyed all year long. First of all, it is a great place to enjoy some sightseeing. Bogus basin has a scenic chair lift that you can ride to see the entire landscape of the mountain resort. There are also plenty of trails to enjoy while you bike, hike, or just walk through the surrounding nature. For those who are seeking some thrills, the basin also has Idaho's only mountain coaster, Glade Runner,  where riders can experience 4,330 feet of high speed fun through the outdoors. Check the Bogus Basin website here to buy tickets and to learn more about all that they have to offer. 

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Twin Falls, Idaho- 2 hrs from Boise

Twin Falls is just a quick 2 hour drive from Boise and has so much to offer. It’s popular for Shoshone Falls, which is often called the “Niagara of the West”. This beautiful waterfall is so fun to see in person and is a great place to get some photos. Although Shoshone alone is worth coming to Twin Falls for, there are also plenty of other things to enjoy. For another scenic location, be sure to check out the sweeping Snake River Canyon, which is perfect for canoeing or paddle boarding. If you are looking for shopping and dining, the downtown area has so many great options. Twin Falls has an entirely different vibe than the Treasure Valley, which makes it a fun and unique place to visit, especially during the summer. 

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City of Rocks- 3 hrs and 20 mins from Boise

The City of Rocks is a national reserve here in Idaho. In the 1840s and 50s this location was very prevalent on the California Trail as immigrants made their way to Idaho and Oregon. The City of Rocks also has a rich Native American history dating back to the 16th century. The entire reserve is filled with tall, scenic and spiraling rocks. Idahoans and people traveling from out of state come to the City of Rocks to camp, hike, hunt and rock climb. Like many of the other locations on this list, this is a great place for sightseeing and adventure seeking. 

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McCall, Idaho- 2 hrs and 16 mins from Boise

Visiting McCall at least once during the summer is a must. It is such a serene and quiet town just a quick drive away from Boise. My absolute favorite thing to do in McCall is spend the day at Payette Lake. Payette is the perfect lake for spending the entire day swimming, paddle-boarding or canoeing. This lake has a huge open beach space where you can enjoy the sun or have a picnic. McCall is also very popular for its fishing and hunting locations. Having a much smaller population than Boise, McCall has that small town feel that we all love to enjoy. There are so many great locally owned restaurants and shopping areas within the town, everyone can find something they enjoy here!

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Idaho Wine Country- 45 mins from Boise

The Idaho Wine Country includes parts of seven counties all with unique wineries. There are so many beautiful wineries that it is difficult to just recommend one, however, a popular option is the Snake River Valley Wine region. Snake River Wine Tours is known as Idaho’s Premier wine tour operator and gives you the option of exploring over 15 wineries. They recently added a Mercedes-Benz sprinter to their tour options, so you can tour the wineries with up to 14 friends and family members. This is a great way to taste some of the amazing wines Idaho has to offer. Check out their website here to learn more. 

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Sawtooth National Forest- 3 hrs and 16 mins from Boise

Sawtooth is a scenic National forest that covers 3,385 miles of land in both Idaho and Utah. There is so much to do here aside from just sightseeing. Sawtooth is a great camping location where you can spend the night in your own RV, tent, or even rent a cabin. During the day, you can enjoy climbing, fishing, hiking, bicycling, horse riding, hunting, and more! Sawtooth National forest is a must visit for some outdoor summer adventures. 

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I hope you all have a fantastic summer filled with fun and adventure. There's nothing better than hoping in a car and driving somewhere completely new. As always, if you travel to any of these spots, be sure to let me know if you enjoyed them. Have fun and be safe out there!