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Get Ready for the 2023 Idaho Dog Sled Challenge!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023   /   by Greg Langhaim

Get Ready for the 2023 Idaho Dog Sled Challenge!

Get Ready for the 2023 Idaho Dog Sled Challenge!
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The Idaho Dog Sled Challenge is an annual event that has become a must-attend for adventure lovers from around the world. This year's competition will take place from February 19th to March 4th, 2023 in beautiful Ketchum, Idaho. The challenge will take competitors on a 1,200 mile journey through some of the most stunning landscapes in the country. If you're an adventure seeker looking for your next challenge, then this is one race you won't want to miss! 


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The 2023 Idaho Dog Sled Challenge will take participants on a breathtaking journey through some of Idaho's most beautiful terrains. Starting at the north end of Ketchum, racers will be taken along portions of Highway 75 and through Stanley Basin before heading southward into Wood River Valley and eventually looping back up towards Ketchum. Along the way, racers will traverse snow-covered mountain passes, pass through thick forests, and cross high deserts. It's sure to be an unforgettable experience! 

The competition will last nine days with each day consisting of three stages - morning sprints, afternoon sprints and night runs. Racers are encouraged to team up with experienced mushers who can help them prepare for the competition and guide them during it. Participants can choose either 2 or 6 dog teams for their sleds depending on their experience level - novices are recommended to go with smaller teams while more experienced mushers may opt for larger ones. Also, all participants must have a valid driver’s license in order to participate in this event.  


Safety is always our top priority at the Idaho Dog Sled Challenge so we make sure that all participants are fully prepared before they embark on their journey. All competitors must attend pre-race training sessions which provide detailed information about safety protocols as well as tips for navigating terrain and dealing with extreme weather conditions. In addition, we also provide emergency medical services throughout the course should any racer need it during the race. 

Check out the official website here to learn more

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Then join us at this year’s Idaho Dog Sled Challenge! Whether you’re a novice musher or a seasoned pro, there’ll be plenty of challenges and thrills waiting for you out on the track! Don’t wait - register today and get ready to tackle one of the most thrilling races around! We look forward to seeing you out there!

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