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How To Buy a Home Out of State

Sunday, August 16, 2020   /   by Greg Langhaim

How To Buy a Home Out of State

                        HOW TO BUY A HOME OUT OF STATE 


Buying a home out of state can be stressful and full of emotions. In this video, I help you lock down the basics steps of buying a home out of state.

1. Know your numbers. You have to know where you want your monthly mortgage payment to be. This is a pretty easy thing to do but can throw you off a bit on a new area. So the best thing to do is connect with a mortgage lender to get an idea of what you can afford based off your new job or what your retirement looks like. 

2. Know how big of a home you are wanting. Knowing this eliminates some homes and areas that you know won't work. You can start looking for homes and home sizes right here.  

3. Make sure those involved in the process are on board with moving. Sometimes half of the party is more on board than the other half. Ensuring that all parties are involved will help speed up the process and ensure your move is a lot more smooth.

4. Start locating areas that align with the lifestyle you want to live. If you know you want to have access to trails you may want to look for areas that give you easy access to trails. If you know you want elbow room, it is important to locate. Now I don't expect you to know exactly where to go and it always changes when you get to the location.

Full a full video on this click here to watch

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